Nota Bene Wares Eau De Cologne Scented Soap

Nota Bene Wares Eau De Cologne Scented Soap


Dry petitgrain and bergamot are steeped with sweet orange and lavender to conjure a refreshing dab of old cologne on a midsummer's day.

Completely natural, vegetable-based soap containing nourishing shea butter and hand made in our workshop. Each bar is cured for over a month then cut, stamped and wrapped by hand.

Each bar weighs approx 125g. 



Nota Bene Wares was formed by Matthew Brooks in 2012 in Nottingham, England. It was bourne of a passion for hand-produced, thoughtfully designed objects that are simple, hardwearing and beautiful. This is overlaid with a great interest in history and in particular the history of everyday life and of design, and it is our intention that this is reflected in the products we sell. However, whilst you will see historical references in our products, they are by no means slaves to the past; they simply resurrect the bits that are today refreshingly different by contrast to the sea of disinteresting, ubiquitous items which fill our daily lives.

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